EVERWILD is the quest to BE ONE with the wild. It is a journal of the outdoor adventure's of two friends from New York. We are passionate about the outdoors and these are the documentation of those experiences. We'd love for you to join us along the way. 


Justin michau

I spent the first portion of my life in the southern part of the country. It was there I spent many days on rivers catching bluegill and bass with his grandpa as well as many days in the woods and dove fields hunting. My passion for the outdoors is incredible, spending many hours chasing whitetail and trout to hiking the hi-peaks of NY. The early days found me behind the stock of a gun but now you'd have a hard time peeling a bow from my grip. Most days you'll find me scouring maps of various farmland and terrain in search of the most mature deer in the area, combining the duty of providing free range, organic meat for his table and the quest for that most elusive animal.


dj tosh

Growing up I had no major outdoor influence within my family but I really enjoyed being out and about as some kids do.  I eventually made my way to the world of hunting as I finished high school and from there my passion grew as I became a young man. When I decided to try bowhunting, I was engaged and aggressively spent many hours on stand. I have seen and learned amazing things in my journeyand often am amazed by the details of woods life, and of our lives.  I am thankful to now be leading a family that will be saturated with the outdoors and its goodness.  Whether we are pursuing big whitetails on pressured ground, chasing predators, or preparing for the season to come...all of these things are part of who I am.