November 17th (All Day)

 WIND - 10 mph NW shifting to SW




LOCATION- 116, finger  
SIGHTINGS - 4 does @ 7:30 walk past and eat beech nuts @ 60 yds. One button buck. 2-3 yr old 8 pt comes up from south and crosses field at the points @ 8:30. Yearling buck comes from north to south @ 12:25.  Button buck passed @ 1:20 coming south to north. Two does show at high corner of corn field near swamp trail @ 3:15.   with others following moving west to east in corn field @ 4:30. Multiple does and two young bucks in corn field to the east before dark. 3yr old wide 8pt moves form north to south through finger.
NOTES: Bucks crossed the points without the wind in their favor. Most deer benchmarked the large beech tree and passed by it.