WIND - 10mph ESE
WEATHER - 58º 
LOCATION - East Dicks
SIGHTINGS - 10 or so does coming to corn. 
NOTES - We had the perfect wind to scoot in close to what we believe is Tuckers bedroom. A late start got that ball rolling down the wrong hill. As we pushed in, two does from the field to the north of us must've heard us and came in to check it out which turned into a 20 minute stare down and an almost possible shot opportunity. Just when we thought we had stayed still enough they blew. By then it's was 5pm. We opted to sit the field edge in some thicket, which almost produced but in the end we were busted twice. One doe came to 30 and I drew on her but needed a few more steps. It was an action packed evening but not enough to fill the truck!