Public Land Quest

We've gone in two different directions. Both of us in an effort to kill multiple birds with one stone. Two entirely different missions.

Heading west Justin touched down in the middle of Montana. Earlier this year we applied for elk tags and planned to head to The Breaks. Unfortunately luck was not on our side as we did not draw a tag as a team. Justin stuck with the plan to head west in September and used the time to get a lay of the land and learn some of the public land pieces near Livingston and Bozeman in hopes for the upcoming year. What he came home with was a better knowledge of the area, a few leads on accessible public spots, and a plan to get us into some bulls next September. 

I headed slightly souhwest and landed in the middle of Ohio with my oldest son Callan as my sidekick on this journey. This was the second year that we went to Ohio for its opener and the first year that we went with a primary purpose of scouting available public land options for Everwild. After the amazing time we had last year and my son talking about our trip throughout the year I knew it was going to be an easy transition into a tradition for us. Last years trip was simply for fun and while I focused on fun for this trip we also focused on scouting. After the rut trip we (Justin and myself) made last year we knew we were going to be going to Ohio from here on out. So it became a matter of expanding our opportunities in case something changed with our public hunting situation. We scouted lightly three separate hunting areas and I was super proud of my six year old for making the treks he did. It's also truly awesome that in this great country we can cross state lines and experience adventure on land that is there for us all to use.  That we can descend onto a property and chase mature whitetails who've earned their stripes living on that public land is a challenge we are both seeking...