A Turkey Wrap | '17

Western New York is known for it's cold temperatures and snow. May 1st is the light at the end of that tunnel. The trees are bursting with life and the woods are calling our names! It's Turkey Season! We did some scouting before season and also fell back on a few solid spots from last yeah. We didn't come out of the gate very strong to say the least. It was quiet in the timber and the weather, like it often does, had a mind of it's own. It took us 5 days to hear our first bird and wasn't until day 10 that we had our first encounter. On that 10th day we had to make a last minute change which sent us to a spot that has good roosting on the edge of a swamp. It delivered and we were able to call in two good size jakes. Unfortunately, we were looking for their old man. We spent the rest of the season skipping around from location to location and never could nail down a single Tom. In the midst of that moving we did gain permission on a piece that will surely deliver within the first couple weeks next season. Unfortunately, everyone had girlfriends or else we just weren't as good at sweet talking. We were educated quite a bit through those four weeks. Every trip to the woods was another day in class. Next May won't come soon enough, but for now...WHITETAILS!