Property 116

Continuing in our desire to build a foundation for people to understand what we are doing we are introducing our second area that we intend to hunt this fall, 116.

As you would assume 116 is a property that pins out to be 116 acres in total. What an amazing plot of ground this beauty is...

We have joked that if the stream were a bit bigger and home to some trout a man wouldn't need to leave this place. We are very fortunate to via friendship be able to hunt this property. Though this is not an exclusive situation like 93 it is still a scenario that is of great benefit to us and to the  person responsible for the land. within its boundaries you can find hardwoods, elevation changes, pinches, flowing water, four agricultural fields and a small swamp...Gold. 

Similarly to 93 we do have some hunting exposure to this property and are aware that it does pose its challenges. The property in what exposure we have had seems to be a transient location and not necessarily a piece of ground that holds deer, rather the deer seem to use it as part of the bigger picture in the area. Our initial efforts this year to combat this and gain more understanding were to put into place two food plots. Both of these plots came to fruition late in the planting season and one of them is in an area that is commonly wet. Given the drought conditions this year this area was bone dry so we took advantage and cleared and planted a Big and Beasty plot about 1/2 acre in size.  The other plot was put in at the other end of a somewhat narrow stretch of bedding cover known as "The Gut".  In so doing we have bookended this strip of bedding which has a small feeder stream running through it with two hide hole plots, and we are pumped to see how these change the habits of the deer in the area. Another key component that we have out into play over at 116 are our Browning trail cameras. We have been running 6-7 cameras in an effort to really understand what the deer are doing on this particular property and how we need to be hunting it as well as what we might be able to do to further enhance it for the years to come.