Property 93

We have chosen to be dedicated. We have chosen to be vested. We have made the commitment to develop a property aggressively and this luxury has cost us. 

As we contemplated EverWild we knew that we would need to establish some core ground that we could reliably hunt in order to be able to capture quality footage and prove as others have that big deer can come from unsuspecting places. We also knew that our ultimate desire was to be able to see these deer to maturity and harvest them at a point when our skills and determination as hunters is most necessary. Born from this desire and willingness to invest in our future we committed to something that many across this great country do year after year...Leasing.

The property we affectionately call 93 is a property that we had familiarity with as we were able to hunt it via permission last year. After dreaming about how phenomenal the property could be if it were managed for wildlife and whitetails especially, we decided that our commitment to our goals had to cost us more than just our time and sweat. We secured the rights to the property and the ability to alter it appropriately for the purpose of hunting and we went to work.

Coming in at 93 acres this property has a smaller area of hardwoods and is predominantly thick brush. Traditionally it can be wet in areas with a mainstay water hole in the middle. It doesn't lay out the best for the predominant winds that we have but we are already dreaming up plans for next year that will provide us with more diversity. The one thing lacking at 93 besides low browse was consistent food sources, and that's where we came in...

Immediately we cleared ground and decided how much we could accomplish in one summer knowing that we are  primarily husbands and fathers with jobs, not professional land shapers. While maintaining commitments we were able to make the way for three food plots for the '16 season as well as the mowing and installation of connecting trails. We fit the ground and built a destination plot and have planted that with Frigid Forage Big and Beasty. With water being at a premium this year in our area as we experienced rare drought conditions, we installed two water holes in two of the plots to maintain and bring back some of the deer who had left our property that consistently does hold water. We have marked our boundaries to minimize unwanted visitors as they have been abundant on this property against the owners wishes, and we are moving around our trail cams while beginning to establish scrape trees for the local herd.

We are legitimately struggling to contain ourselves as we wait for the opener to arrive and the opportunity to begin to soak in this new opportunity to manage property in a heavily hunted area and see what the results will be for the two of us as we strive to become better outdoorsman.